Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pass the shells

So at church on Sunday, the children's sermon was about sand dollars and how they reflect the crucifix. All the kids were given 2 little quarter size sand dollars. I held on to Ben's while he went to the preschool Sunday school class and he promptly asked for those "things" back when we picked him up. I gave them to him and told him they were sand dollars. He said something about "sand dollar crackers" a couple times and I just said okay, thinking he was being silly. So we load the kids up into the car, I climb in and look back at Ben and... he's eating his sand dollar!! His eyes got big and he had this surprised look on his face like, now what do I do?! when I told him he wasn't supposed to eat them. He was crunching away on the bite he took so I gave him a tissue to spit it out on. Luckily the church is just around the corner from the house because he couldn't spit all those little crunchy sand dollar crumbs out. He stuck his tongue out the rest of the way home and kept spitting on the walk into the house until he finally got it all rinsed out with water.

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