Monday, June 30, 2008


In the car this weekend with no toys to distract him and apparently nothing interesting in the scenery, Ben observed with much enthusiasm "Mommy, I have hair on my knees now!! I'm growing up!!"

He pointed out his new grown-up knee hair to Grandma Anne this morning too.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


So several weeks ago Anne took the kids to a program at the local nature center and the kids got to scoop out and bring home some tadpoles. We started with 9 and after a little early neglect, we've ended up with 5. However, the 5 are doing well. In fact, much to my surprise, 2 of them sprouted their front legs over night! 1 other is trailing a little behind in size and has floppy back legs and the other 2 are lagging way behind in size and don't have back legs yet. All are very active though and I was so excited to see our friends that now have all 4 legs!! How cool! I think I'm way more excited about this than Ben. He likes to check on them once a day or so and gives them fish food...but I can sit there for a good 10+ minutes watching them swim around. In addition to the tadpoles we have lots of snails that are growing quite well too. They were apparently just little microscopic specs among the mucky pond water the tadpoles came home with but they've been growing up right alongside their amphibian siblings. I finally snapped some pictures of our little pals this morning. Have meant to do so all along, but well Keith was hogging the camera for awhile and ... I didn't. Anyway, here they are: