Friday, April 11, 2008


We had one of Keith's Leadership group friends and her family over last weekend. They have a little girl, Kinley, who is a couple months younger than Ben. They played really well together and before the night was over, she decided they should get married. The next morning, the first thing out of Ben's mouth was "can we call that little girl and have her come play again?"

Yesterday we went to the mall for lunch with Rebecca and Kate. Sarah had an admirer. A sweet little blond boy who reminded me of Emmett. He kept coming over to her and at first she pushed him away. After we'd been there awhile and she was getting tired and cranky, I gave her her binky and she layed down on the bench. He came over and gave her a kiss on the cheek! He was all googley-eyed around her. It was soo cute. Rebecca snapped a pic of them:

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Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh I'm glad Kate can't read yet! She would be beside herself if she knew "her" Ben even talked to another girl, much less wanted to see her again!